Naty Soul ॐ


this track only speaks the truth! The second best track this album has, so influential!

Knowledge is wisdom, this goes back when I was twelve I loved doing right but I was trapped in Hell. Had mad ideas, sad eyes and tears Years of fears, but yo, my foes couldn’t bear
I searched for the truth since my youth And went to church since birth but it wasn’t worth the loot that I was paying plus the praying I didn’t like staying cause of busy-bodies and dizzy hotties
That the preacher had souped up with lies Had me cooped up looking at loot, butt and thighs. During the service he swallowed up the poor And after they heard this, they wallowed on the floor
But I ignored and explored my history that was untold And watched mysteries unfold And dropped a jewel like Solomon but never followed men Cause if you do your brain is more hollow than Space oblivia or the abyss With no trace of trivia left with the hiss. Does it pay to be deaf, dumb and blind? From a slave we was kept from the mind And from the caves he crept from behind And what he gave was the sect of the swine When the Bible, it condemned the pig I don’t mean to pull your hems or flip your wigs but we used to wear a turban but now we’re in the urban No more wearing beanies and dress like a genie No hocus pocus cause I focus on the facts And put it on the tracks and brought it through the wax I speak on Jacob, it might take up some time
And too much knowledge, it might break up the rhyme
I did it anyway just to wake up the mind
Of those who kiss stones or prays on the carpet. Those who sit home or sell books by the market. Need to chill and get their mind revived. For years religion did nothing but divide.
- Killah Priest